About us


We have been operating for a few years manufacturing original furniture.

Each of our products is unique.

While creating a piece of furniture we do our best to carve out and highlight the beauty of material it is made from.A combination of high quality solid wood and modern, noble elements results in the unique fusion effect.  By preserving the natural shapes of wood, raw edges, fissures, knots, discolorations and turbans, we honour the Nature that has created them. 

We create our furniture from the most decorative kinds of wood such as walnut and elm and combine them with leather, stone or steel. The wood comes exclusively from Europe.

Every piece of furniture is generally made from one piece of wood; its dimensions have been especially chosen to fit its intended use.

Prior to processing, the wood is thoroughly selected in order to choose its most attractive parts.

For finishing we use oil that impregnates and penetrates deep into the wood accentuating its appearance. 

Oil-preservation gives you the possibility to refresh the furniture at any time. To every piece of furniture delivered by us, we enclose the suitable kind of oil. 

That kind of finishing conforms to the company’s policy.